August 9, 2019 | Funding the Fight


AIDS Activists Call on Lawmakers to Reject Trump’s Unconscionable Attack on Foreign Aid

Asia Russell (Health GAP): 1 267-475 2645|

The White House is attempting to slash as much as $4 billion in funding for global health, contributions to international organizations, and other development assistance programs that has already been appropriated by Congress for the current U.S. fiscal year. 

“Even for an administration already proven to be single-minded in its pursuit of cruel and senseless cuts to life-saving foreign aid, this second attempt to cut off assistance marks a new low,” said Asia Russell, Executive Director of Health GAP. 

President Trump made a similar attempt in 2018, but it was withdrawn by the White House in the face of widespread objection. 

The first step toward enacting cuts—directing the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to freeze its uncommitted funds across a number of development areas including global health—came earlier this week on Monday, August 5th. Experts report that even this step will likely cause disruptions, as programs will not be able to work to obligate unspent funds. 

“When Congress returns on September 9th, they should put rejection of these reckless development assistance cuts at the top of their to-do list,” said Matthew Rose, Health GAP’s Director of U.S. Policy and Advocacy. “The White House is yet again playing politics with peoples’ lives—Congress must step up, show leadership, and fight back against these draconian cuts.” 



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