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Global AIDS Action Week

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We have made incredible progress over the last 30 years in the science, testing, treatment, and prevention of HIV for millions of people and it has brought us to the tipping point: we have the science to end all new HIV infections. After more than 37 million AIDS-related deaths, we can end AIDS as a pandemic by 2030. To disregard the pandemic now is not only dangerous, it is an affront to the world’s most marginalized populations.

Because HIV exists at the intersection of public health and social justice, we know that ending the epidemic also means breaking down the social and systemic barriers to health care and it’s our responsibility to confront biases within our society. Wherever systems of oppression exist—racism, classism, sexism, colonialism, ableism, and homophobia—HIV will be found. That’s why we’ve been talking to people all over the world who are working on immigrants rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, women’s rights, racial justice and more to find out what we can do to help.