January 28, 2015 |

Congressman hosting Obama at this week’s Democratic Retreat urges PEPFAR Funding to Treat 12 million by 2016

Rep. Bob Brady, Philadelphia co-host of the House Democratic Caucus and the President and Vice President of the United States at a strategy retreat this week, wrote to Vice President Biden to call on the Obama Administration to restore PEPFAR funding cuts and achieve 12 million on treatment by 2016. The White House releases its proposed 2016 budget Monday, Feb 2. Health GAP and many other AIDS groups, experts, and members of Congress have been calling for $300m increase for PEPFAR over FY15 and the highest legally permissible contribution to the Global Fund in the President’s budget. “If Obama drops the ball again, it undermines his commitment to an AIDS free generation,” said Jose DeMarco of ACT UP Philadelphia and Health GAP. “We’ll work with the strong bipartisan coalition in Congress that strongly supports global health programs to finish restoring the funds.”

Letter from Congressman Brady

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