Health GAP and Ugandan partners launch civil society election platform calling for defeat of HIV, maternal mortality, the health worker crisis and other leading causes of preventable death in Uganda

Health GAP and a coalition of more than 50 Ugandan civil society organizations launched a Health Manifesto at a press conference today demanding politicians aspiring to political office in the 2016 general elections in Uganda commit to bold demands around ending AIDS and other leading causes of preventable death in Uganda. The 2016 Civil Society Health Manifesto lists 10 points regarding funding the health sector, equipping facilities with medicines and health workers, and delivering accountability and political will that has been sorely lacking up to now. Civil society will train grassroots organizations and equip them with skills to hold candidates accountable during election season.

Health GAP, PATH, UNASO, AGHA Uganda, HEPS Uganda, TASO and many other partners are spearheading this effort–civil society will transform political debate in Uganda at a critical moment, when health service delivery is failing communities and election season is just kicking off. According to Health GAP partner Joshua Wamboga, Executive Director of UNASO: “Access to prevention and treatment are literally life-and-death political issues that should be taking center stage during our 2016 elections. As voters we will not stand by and allow candidates and political parties to be silent about the most vital issue facing our country—our health and our health rights. Using this Health Manifesto, we are demanding that all candidates commit themselves to investing in sufficient medicines, health workers, and in the political required to stop the epidemic of preventable death and disease in our communities.”

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